Unveiling your truth

Be yourself.

How often have you heard that?

We all say it but how many of us actually "Be our true selves". We all walk around in this world wearing this mask that of who we think were supposed to be. Then when we are alone we wonder why we are not happy or surrounded by the people we want to be with. How is anyone supposed to find their tribe if we are all wearing a mask. Every day we dress ourselves in this false identity and walk around with others doing the same wondering why we don't fit in. Meanwhile someone is searching for someone like you but they can’t find you because you’re hidden under something you’re not.

I believe the first step to true happiness is unveiling the mask and being your authentic self, it takes off a huge weight off your shoulders. You finally feel free, you will attract your tribe and those who are not a part of that or don't like who you really are can then go find theirs to. Once you do this your life changes rapidly and every day you will notice how much better life is getting and you will actually start attracting what you want because your being and doing what and who you really are.

Everything you do comes from a place of passion and flows so easily. If you desire true happiness you must take off your mask and step into who you really are. Each morning you will wake up feeling free, your heart will begin to sing and you can start living your true purpose.

So many people are scared of speaking their truth around their friends, family and colleagues in case they upset them and cause arguments.

Let that sink in for moment.

If speaking about something that’s bothering you or that you’re passionate about is going to upset the people around you then there is a much bigger problem. You didn’t come here to dilute yourself, you didn’t come here to shrink yourself into spaces that you have out grown. It’s time to take up space be yourself. Do the things your dream of doing, talk about the things your passionate about those that are not your tribe will soon disappear that’s not a loss that’s making room for the wonderful like-minded people your about to attract into your life.

Navigating through decades of life experience has revealed the following truth to me.

When you strip life bare, when you get to the core, you are here for one reason above all others, to express and feel who you are in all you do. Trading fear for curiosity and gratitude is key to living fearlessly and embarking on the adventure to be who you were born to be.

My hope is by sharing my journey, thoughts and truth with you I hope to inspire you to start sharing yours and together we can create a world where people feel safe to be themselves.

I am leading by example and I invite you to join me. It’s time to discover and transform into yourself to live your truth, each and every single day.

Keep shining your light.

Lots of love


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