Happy Sunday beautiful soul,

As we enter the new week, I wanted to give you something to focus on and help you go deep within to become a better version of you. I’ve been on my own spiritual and healing journey for some years now and decided I should start sharing what I’ve learnt with others so we can all connect to our inner being and begin a journey to self-love and healing.

What is harmony?

To me harmony means living at ease, it’s important to accept where your life is right now. Constantly wishing that your life and circumstances were different creates stress and tension in the mind and body. This blocks the creative thinking and disconnects you from the joy of life.

Where there is harmony there is no place for stress or strain. Harmony is one of the first essential steps in any healing journey. By focusing on harmony, it brings to surface whatever needs to be seen.

Find a quite space and close your eyes and plant the thought of harmony in your consciousness and visualize the colour green in your heart chakra. Allow thoughts to come and go but don’t get attached to them. Keep coming back to the thought of Harmony. What does it mean to you? How can being more harmonious change your life? Remember what we give out is what you receive back.

Notice the different qualities between harmonious softness of responding and the harshness of reaction. When you respond, you say yes to the universe and go with flow instead of against it, like the tide that effortlessly comes in and out. To create all change we must take our focus and go within.

Think about harmony both in and out of meditation, keep it as an important focus in your mind throughout your week. Every time you feel yourself about to engage with someone or something ask yourself am I responding with harmony?

Working with harmony brings you closer to who you really are. You will begin to create an auric field and when it becomes strong enough, then no discordant energies can penetrate.

I hope you find this little piece on Harmony helpful,

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead filled with love peace and harmony.

Keep shining.

Love and light.


If you need any further help or guidance, please feel free to email, me I offer 1 on 1 coaching to help you realign with yourself again.

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