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Ignite Your Inner Light

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed? Are you having trouble reaching your goals and full potential? Do you need to gain clarity?

Life coaching can really change your life. I will help you release untapped potential and close the gap between your goals and achievements.

Let me help you Ignite Your Inner Light

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed?

Are you having trouble reaching your goals and full potential?

Do you need to gain clarity?

Ignite Your Inner Light

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Hi, I'm Katherine

A Little About Me

Over the past ten years I have gone through many hardships and experiences that have made me the hungry and determined woman you see today.


Many of my clients are themselves going through things I have been through so I am very well equipped to guide and assist through uncertain times.

I have been homeless, I have started businesses and had to end businesses. I have been on a weight loss journey and managed to lose over ten stone and created healthy habits.

I have gone from a negative toxic mindset to a creative positive one. I have rebuilt the relationships I have with myself and others by healing the emotional trauma and emotional blocks.

I can only take my clients as far as I take myself and I am going all the way so I will make sure that you do too.

What I Can Do For You Or Your Business

You maybe thinking what makes me different to other coaches out there.

I have been studying self development and growth for four years and in September 2019 I decided I wanted to gain qualifications in Life Coaching along side becoming a qualified Law of Attraction practitioner. To date I have achieved three qualifications in Life Coaching.

In February 2020 I started a Level 7 Diploma in Life Coaching which I passed in July 2020. I am always looking to continue to grow for myself and my clients so I am now currently taking a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership and Management.

I have recently gained level 1, 2 and Master Reiki.

You don't necessarily need qualifications to be a Life Coach however I will constantly keep educating myself with new information so I can give clients the absolute best coaching sessions.


I have known Katherine for about 7 years now and she has always been an inspiring and positive influence in my life. Whilst running her own health food business she was very helpful to me setting up my own Personal Training business.
She has overcome her own Personal challenges with determination and resilience and has been there to offer me guidance and advice when I have lost direction.

She is optimistic, knowledgeable, generous, kind hearted with an absolute wealth of wisdom to share and a passion for helping others. She has earned my love and utmost respect and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a life coach

Melanie Wells

Personal Trainer, Child Mental Health Specialist,

Author of Anger Management - a practical resource for children with Learning, Social, and Emotional difficulties


I was recently asked to be a special guest on Melissa Mills amazing Podcast 'Rise With Love' and you can find the link to that episode right here.